Indoor laser tag games are highly dynamic. Besides that, among your customers there may be not only adults but also kids. On many occasions parents booked a laser tag arena for kids’ special events. All this imposes the manufacturer to pay particular attention to safety issues. Every single detail of CYBERTAG play sets has been thought out by our company engineering specialists. The well-thought-out design of all the components of the structure makes it possible for us to guarantee your complete security at the play-field. To support this claim, here are some of the facts that all the arenas using CYBERTAG equipment have acknowledged.

1.Tried and tested blaster design

Small in size submachine gun “ERASER”, that has been successfully used in outdoor field conditions, served as a basis. The blaster is only 30 centimetres long. This length has proved to be ideal. Any other equipment with higher dimensions is likely to be dangerous and may cause injury. The play set has been designed in such a way that it has no protruding details or sharp corners. Soft lines and sleek design lower the risk of injury.

2. Bright body illumination

16 LEDs evenly distributed on the blaster case ensure its bright illumination. This technique makes other players’ weapons visible in arena lighting conditions. This in turn helps avoid laser tag battles participants colliding into one another. We can assure you that our equipment has the brightest and most colourful illumination.

3.The other hand sensor

To avoid the incidents when players stick out a blaster from around the corner, a high capacity other hand sensor has been set up in the middle. Such an approach also helps avoid chaotic game and collisions. The only way you can shoot is by grasping the handguard. There is no other way to play the game.

4. Sanitary safety of the combat vest

All the vests come with a high quality lining fabric “Airmesh”. The fabric is made of a three-dimensional knit mesh, forming various size cells in internal and external layers. It is durable, breathable, has added wadding, is waterproof and reduces friction when required.

After playing 10-30 games, we highly recommend that you remove and wash the internal layer, so that the players are always supplied with clean and fresh equipment. Besides, Velcro fastenings make it easy to detach the layer, making the process quick and easy. Cleanliness is next to godliness.

5. Equipment certification

The hybrid optical system “Prism” used in our equipment underwent multiple comprehensive testing. As a result, we have been given a biological safety certificate for the equipment. Based on the photometric and radiometric characteristics protocol, our equipment has been admitted safe for playing indoor laser tag.

Thus, laser tag equipment from “CYBERTAG” conforms to high standard and is totally safe for personal health. Your safety is above all for us.