Let the professionals create the arena design

The LASERWAR Team will help you create a unique, stunning playground.


On the verge of progress

Advanced LASERWAR technologies give birth to a fundamentally new level of entertainment. A mysterious maze in the darkness of which a confrontation unfolds. Futuristic blasters and advanced vests CYBERTAG 2 Black Edition. You have a feeling as if you were a hero in an epic blockbuster.

Dozens of unique scenarios will force players to return to laser maze battles again and again. This is not a virtual reality. It's a whole world full of laser beams, adrenaline and emotion.

smaii image.png

Exclusive projects

We not only produce the best laser tag equipment, build arenas all over the world, but also play laser tag ourselves. So, we know exactly what the clients want. Designers and technical specialists of our company control the project from the moment of conception to its successful implementation.

We create a new generation of laser arenas. They become the industry standard and leave competitors far behind. Surprise guests with a unique atmosphere, special effects and modern gadgets.


Fantastic Design

The success of the laser arena is 80% dependent on its design. The LASERWAR Team will help you to create a unique, stunning playground. An intergalactic cruiser, an abandoned laboratory, an uncharted planet - where would you prefer to go?

Thematic decorations, hand-painted fluorescent paints, unique decorative elements, interactive devices, acoustic systems, LED floors, luminous flooring rolls, blacklights, laser maze, stroboscopic light, smoke machines, holographic projectors, view points... Nothing is impossible for LASERWAR.



The laser arena is not just a beautiful and high-tech attraction.

The laser tag site should be comfortable and safe to play at. There are many nuances to consider when creating an arena. It's hard work for a whole team of professionals. If you want a well-designed and decorated site without wasting your time and energy learning all the details, trust its creation to LASERWAR experts. We will not only develop the concept of your arena, install the equipment, but also help to configure all the interactive devices. Becoming part of the laser tag industry has never been easier.


New era of laser arena

It's hard to surprise a modern man. What seemed distant yesterday is part of everyday life today. The entertainment industry will become increasingly complex and technological. In a highly competitive environment, the one who offers a unique product becomes the leader.

The LASERWAR laser arena is doomed to success. The playground, equipped with the latest technology, has great potential in event marketing. Our arenas are ideal for active recreation, meeting with friends, a fun family celebration or a festive corporate event. These places become extremely popular, they are recommended to friends and business partners. They get the highest points in tourist ratings.

With LASERWAR, the new laser tag arena will become a real attraction of the city.

00. Let the professionals create the arena design
01. On the verge of progress
02. Exclusive projects
03. Fantastic Design
04. Professionalism
05. New era of laser arena