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Get your promotional materials free!

When you open your laser tag arena, everything matters: the supplier, equipment, software with lots of scenarios. Even then, you cannot do without marketing. It is crucial that the customers understand the advantages of your arena over other attractions. To inform them about this, you need to use promotional materials. Experienced organizers of indoor laser tag battles know that contemporary adverts are the first steps on your way to success.

Finding acceptable quality photos online is insufficient. Their style will differ, while the materials themselves will require editing. To create a nice package, one will need a photographer, a designer and to agree on many issues with the marketing agency. This will take time and you will have to postpone your arena launch. Now you can skip this routine.

We are happy to introduce a special offer for our prospective customers: when you buy the CYBERTAG equipment, you get 2.5Gb of promotional materials free. They make designing the briefing room, reception area and access to the arena easy. High resolution photographs can be printed out as banners, booklets, leaflets and business cards – essential for interacting with the customer. Created in the uniform style, they will ensure that your arena becomes easily recognizable.

If you are planning to open a chain of playgrounds, the uniform style will help differentiate your arena from those of competitors. Studio photos will save you time and money, and will match well with the style of the equipment and the program software.

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