CYBERTAG Competitive Advantages

Once you decide to build a laser tag arena of your own, you will inadvertently start wondering: “What platform will this splendour be built on?”

And when you have to choose a producer of indoor equipment, you will most likely remind of a vityaz at a crossroads, standing in front of a boulder with a half-effaced inscription engraved on it: “Turn left – and you will lose your horse… Turn right…” Well, you understand… Don’t go “left or right”, go “straight”.
Straight down to CYBERTAG.RU.

We have specially created a complex of game equipment for the purposes of indoor laser tag. Today, it is produced under CYBERTAG brand name.
Now, we are going to tell you about its special features and advantages; the reasons why you should go for CYBERTAG platform from LASERWAR; how players and arenas owners can benefit from choosing CYBERTAG.



CYBERTAG is a brand name of the LASERWAR firm under which professional equipment for indoor laser tag is produced.
The requirements for indoor equipment being very specific, our company had to develop a set of equipment for indoor games from scratch.
All CYBERTAG equipment fully meets safety requirements and the specifics of indoor application, for it has been designed with these requirements in mind.

Main characteristics of CYBERTAG equipment:

  • The weight of a vest is under 1 kilogram. The weight of a blaster is only 580 grams; even the youngest visitors will feel comfortable using the super lightweight play sets during a game;
  • The bright multi-colour LED illumination of vests indicates to which team a player belongs, as well as hits, the status of a game, and is clearly noticeable in the semi-darkness of a labyrinth;
  • The eye-catching design of vests is well complemented by chevrons made by our company with the logo of a club or a team;
  • The light, breathable, easy to remove lining of a player’s vest provides for hygienic requirements, is comfortable and can be regularly cleaned without any difficulty;
  • The vibro motors fitted inside vests and weapons create special effects during a game, so you will always feel where a hit has come from;
  • Hit sensors in vests form three defeat zones from any direction;
  • There are additional sensors in blasters, which form the fourth defeat zone and help to ensure fair game – the blaster of a player shooting from behind a hideout can be hit;
  • The other hand sensor on weapons is an essential safety rule of indoor laser tag. It’s impossible to fire a weapon using one hand only. This lowers the risk of traumas and makes players hold their blasters with both hands;
  • Thanks to the small dimensions, reliability and transparency of blasters polycarbonate bodies that are fitted with bright illumination, playing at a darkened arena is comfortable and safe, especially for kids;
  • Cross-shaped LED shot illumination is safer than the outdated laser one and looks more impressive during a game;
  • The multi-functional IGB device (Interactive Game Base) can be programmed to carry out a variety of functions – base, mine, first aid kit, energizer - thus significantly increasing scenario variations; the additional radio base integrated into IGBs increases the coverage area of an arena, while the powerful acoustic system voices over the game process in a labyrinth;
  • A separate Energizer included in arena equipment bundle allows players to top up ammunition and restore health supplies, thus widening the boundaries of game possibilities;
  • Labyrinth equipment is capable of supporting additional TV screens. These will display game statistics in real-time mode for players and concerned spectators.
  • The rich sound arrangement won’t leave anyone unimpressed; not only play sets, but also labyrinth additional devices produce sounds during a game; besides producing background sounds, they voice over the events that happen during a game, thus creating sublime atmosphere on a playground;
    The 35 sounds produced by labyrinth devices and the 10 blaster sounds can be voiced over either In Russian or in English;
  • in our electronics, we use specialized radio modules reinforced with aerials. Unlike cheap Wi-Fi modules, they have greater coverage area and are a lot more stable. Thanks to a greater number of sub-channels, the network can be set up more thoroughly, interferences of working frequencies can be avoided; up to 56 visitors can simultaneously play on an arena – this is a very high figure. Two or more indoor playgrounds can simultaneously operate at a shopping mall without interfering with one another. The radio module built into the blaster provides proper connection with the control centre of an arena. This allows to gather statistics and control the game in real time, which is so important;
  • The li-ion accumulators with a capacity of over 5 Ah provide 8 to 16 hours of continuous operation time during a game;
  • In fact, the real treasure of a labyrinth most players don’t even know about is the software that controls an arena; Simple, user-friendly interface, a variety of functions, a lot of scenarios and a built-in program for diagnostics and displaying the state of play sets in real time – battery charge levels, radio signal, shooting power and a great number of other parameters that allow to trace the state of the equipment in due time – these form an indispensable instrument for an arena administrator.

Depending on the size of your initial budget, you can buy either a basic start-up set for 12 participants or an elite set for 48+ players with a huge bundle of additional devices, which significantly broaden scenario possibilities.

The set comprises equipment for players (blasters and vests) and additional labyrinth equipment (IGBs, energizers, radio bases). Besides, the set includes software for a guidance computer, chargers and a spare parts kit for minor repair.



Safety provision to visitors is the central objective of laser tag arena organizers and of indoor laser tag equipment producers. Games held in confined space of an arena are highly dynamic and there are frequently lots of children among the visitors. Therefore, when developing our equipment, we focus on every single small detail in order to make it safer. When it comes to safety, there are no trifles.

  • In the equipment for CYBERTAG produced by our firm we use infrared LEDs that are safe for eyesight. All the optical parts that we use have European and international safety certificates. The Prism hybrid optical system used in our equipment has passed all the comprehensive testing. At the end of this testing, we were issued a photobiological safety certificate for the equipment. Based on a protocol of photometric and radiometric characteristics, the equipment has been acknowledged safe for playing laser tag.
  • A specialized radio module, integrated in players’ blasters, serves to send game statistics and control signals in real time mode. It operates within a permitted range and uses low power, meaning that it is absolutely safe – its radiation levels are hundreds of times lower than that of a common mobile phone.
  • The blaster for CYBERTAG has been designed with safety requirements in mind. The length of a blaster is only 30 cm. This is the optimum figure. Larger equipment is potentially dangerous and can inflict damage during an energetic game inside a labyrinth. Play sets from CYBERTAG are void of protruding elements and sharp corners. The sleek lines of blasters help lower the risk of getting any physical damage.
  • The 16 LEDs evenly distributed over the whole surface of blasters give them bright illumination. Such an approach allows to see weapons of other players clearly in the semi-darkness of an arena. This, in turn, helps to avoid collisions with participants of laser tag battles.
  • To prevent the instances when a player sticks out a blaster from behind the corner of a hideout, the other hand sensor has been integrated into the handguard. Such an approach allows to avoid chaotic games and collisions. You need to hold the blaster with both hands in order to be able to fire it. The game would impossible otherwise.
  • We have not failed to include Sanitation Safety. All the vests are lined with hygienic Airmesh fabric. The material is made of 3D mesh. It forms various size cells in external and internal layers. Thanks to this quality, this material is strong, there is constant air circulation, it provides padding, which all make the material ideal for using in those cases when physical load, friction must be decreased while preserving same durability. At the same time, it must be waterproof. After 10 to 30 games, we strongly recommend that you remove and wash the lining. This way, you will ensure that game participants will receive fresh and clean equipment. Besides, thanks to Velcro fastenings, it is easy to remove and clean. Cleanliness is next to godliness.

Thus, CYBERTAG equipment meets all quality standards and is fully safe for human health. For safety is above all for us!



Software is the gem of the whole CYBERTAG project. Blasters and labyrinth set up, control over game process, automatic games summary, calculation of the economic effectiveness of an arena - all these and more are within control of a CYBERTAG configurator user.

Main possibilities of the programme:

  • Game set up. The simple and clear interface makes it possible to select a scenario quickly, to divide players into teams and set up blasters before a game, thus saving time on preparation.
  • Game control. Automatic calculation of game achievements, displaying game statistics in live mode on TV screens allows to hold fair game, rule out any disagreements between players and decrease losses during games.
  • Printing out of statistical reports at the end of a game will be appreciated by the most inveterate players. The software generates a game report in pdf format, which can be posted in social networks. Another important thing is that a report file will bear the style of your club – it will have emblems, logotypes and contact details. This will assist in attracting more clients to your arena.
  • Scenario editing function makes it possible even for a beginning arena administrator to diversify game possibilities significantly. It offers unlimited possibilities for materializing creative fantasies to an experienced administrator.
  • The section of play sets technical state control is a reliable instrument that is used to control the technical state of equipment. There you will find current levels of battery charge, signal power, speaker volume as well as other parameters.
  • Fiscal statistics will make an indispensable assistant administrator of an arena, considering all the games that have been held, the number of players, payment amounts. This will help avoid any misconduct on the part of arena workers, for launching a game without the programme is impossible.
  • Sound track editor will help set up the sound arrangement of an arena and make it unique by selecting sound parameters for IGBs and blasters and by offering the chance to voice over every event on an arena in one’s own way.
  • The customized interface of the program allows to choose the design of any club for it by changing themes, selecting a club logo and statistics headers and footers.
  • The program has modern design and operates using all the latest Windows versions.
  • The program interface has been translated into all the most popular languages. Whenever needed, the required language can be added in a few days’ time.

The company keeps updating the functions of the equipment, releasing new versions of software and firmware. Notably, all the updates can be obtained free of charge on our websites. Charging extra for a product that our client has already paid for is not our method.


Technical assistance and support

The following aspect is absolutely vital for arena organizers, especially those located in Russia. We are talking about technical support.

Any equipment can be damaged, rental equipment is many a time likely to be damaged. Everything that can be teared off and unscrewed – will be teared off and unscrewed in the equipment that is rented out. In such conditions, how long it will take till the equipment can be used again is a matter of uninterrupted operation of an arena without loss of income or clients.

The LASERWAR plan offers a 12 months’ warranty plan as well as a post-warranty equipment service plan. Technical support specialists will provide you with support over the phone or on skype – they will help you resolve all the issues that may arise. You can have your equipment repaired at over 40 service centres all over Russia or at LASERWAR maintenance centre.

Prompt help and technical support, responsible approach to client’s interests, free access to software updates – these are the distinctive features of LASERWAR.


Price ticket

Frequently, financial aspect matters the most and the highly technological and stylish equipment from LASERWAR has a significant advantage when it comes to price/quality ratio not only on the Russian market, but also on the Global market, where the company can edge out their competitors. When compared to equipment samples from world known producer, it becomes obvious that CYBERTAG is two times cheaper than the equipment produced by its nearest competitors.



CYBERTAG is a fully fledged equipment system that provides uninterrupted operation of a laser tag arena. Its eye-catching design meets the standards set by Global brands. Its highly technological design, smooth-running production and superb technical support, the possibility for further equipment development, being honest with clients and reasonable prices - these are good reasons why you should choose CYBERTAG equipment.

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