Having systematized the requests of all our users, we created a more comprehensive scenarios library – we supplemented the already existing scenarios with new parameters that are going to spice up a game storyline, and developed 2 brand new scenarios.

Players and arena administrators are going to love the ‘Confrontation – base capture’. In this scenario, two teams will not only have to gain score points, but will also endeavour to capture their rival’s base. In this scenario, IGBs will be used as bases. Players will not be automatically restored. Therefore, it is recommended that you use CYBERTAG Energizers for this scenario.

Particularly for that reason, the developers included a ‘Connect Energizer’ option in the list of scenarios. Strictly speaking, it is not a scenario. It’s a ready template that can be applied to any of the available scenarios. There are 2 or more IGBs in this template.

Any of the scenarios can still be edited, which means that there is full freedom for your imagination. Use ready scenarios, edit them or create own ones and receive maximum enjoyment, thrill and benefit from your arena!

More information about all the scenarios is available on the official company website.



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