What determines the success of a laser tag equipment manufacturing company? Is it the reliability of play sets? Vests and blasters safety? The easy to use program software? There are lots of characteristics which are no doubt very important. Yet they all can be defined using one global concept. We are talking about the number of arenas, for this is the only measurable criteria of success. This concept includes the ideal balance of price and quality, the reliability of play sets and the prompt technical support.

To the moment we have got 30 operating arenas the world over, two of them started up recently.

The first one of the two is in the center of Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. It is called Siam Laser Games. You can find it in the basement of Novotel Siam Square Hotel.

Two design solutions have been implemented on the big 1300 m2 area. The design of the labyrinth bases and partitions depends on which team the player is part of. The player may choose between orks, elfs, people and dragons. Each team has their own colour and rebirth place. Besides, the arena can boast a briefing room and a reception room, from where one can watch the battle on the battlefield. If you decide to play using our equipment in the very centre of Bangkok, then the Siam Laser Games official group will let you know how you can reach the place.

The second arena has been launched in Moscow. Our company equipment has been added to the already extensive entertainments of Vegas shopping centre. This is one of the cases when indoor laser tag has blended with other entertainment services really well. A panoramic wheel, a 5D cinema and the CYBERTAG arena are there for you at 24 km MKAD, Kashirskoe highway, Moscow.

30 operating arenas, nice software, reliable equipment and 12 scenarios – this is what CYBERTAG is all about. We always welcome suggestions and offers. There is a reason why people trust us, for our company equipment is very reliable. This explains our trade mark success.

If you want to evaluate the development perspectives and start your own business please write to info@laserwar.ru.


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