Laserwar company has been successfully operating on the laser tag market for over eight years. At first it was just a laser tag rental club: numerous games were held, clients’ emotions and smiles on their faces, frequent trips, competitions – this all was interesting, yet something was missing… It became clear to us that an ordinary club was not the level we deserved.

Laserwar started independent manufacturing of laser tag play sets. Bearing in mind the mistakes of other manufacturers of the equipment, the company created their first models: MP-514, AK-74 among others. The company boasted the introduction of new and exceptional technologies: unique gun shot illumination to detect the location of the shooter, digital sound processing of shootings, hits, virtual deaths, bullets passing by and so on (altogether more than 20 special sound effects at an early stage). For the optical system “casing” the company picked lightweight and tough polyamide, instead of steel, which makes the gun too bulky. Gradually polyamide tubes were improved – they became very attractive and authentic, in some models real firearm silencer design was replicated. Yet this was not enough! A brand name was to be created. The starting point became a play set called the “Destroyer” – a futuristic play set designed and constructed from a scratch by the company. After that, one by one, almost in a geometric sequence, followed new and daring projects, establishing a firm position of the Laserwar company brand on the market. Among them are the new submachine gun “Eraser”, AK-12LT, Bluetooth connection between the gun and the band, radio stats and a lot more.

Laserwar company’s aim is creating the most reliable and highest quality products on the market. Creative ideas, modern technologies, a team of top specialists and ,first and foremost– attention to our clients – this all made it possible for us to become leaders among laser tag equipment manufacturers in Russia. Yet this was just one of the stages.

Indoor laser tag was the next stage. It became the first professional indoor laser tag manufactured in our country. After a thorough study of leading world companies' equipment had been performed, and their strong and weak points taken into account, we came up with a unique product. Unlike its foreign equivalents, it is easy to obtain, has flawless quality and a competitive price.

Let us introduce “Cybertag” to you. 

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